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Good Vibrations podcast, Vol. 110. Sofia Smallstorm - Transhuman Engineering

Good Vibrations podcast, Vol. 110. Sofia Smallstorm - Transhuman Engineering


The incoming Transhumanist/ Futurist agenda for humanity is under discussion this episode, as US researcher Sofia Smallstorm guests to offer some very incisive perspectives. Sofia discusses the two main facets - Artificial Intelligence, which most of us have heard of, and IA, or Intelligence Augmentation, which many haven't. She also offers the tantalising revelation that the symbiosis which awaits us through Futurism, is not the first time that humanity has had its biology rewired, and has adapted to it fully.

We go on to discuss many other aspects of Transhumanist social-engineering, including the marketing of 'sexy technology' to the youth, and the ever-present Transgender agenda.


Christa Chantal Allen

I always enjoyed listening to Sofia Smallstorm.. However, her belief in the "Tate murders" makes me strongly re-consider.. Sharon Tate is obviously still alive, playing her "sister Patty".. I realize many still believe that hoax, but I just didn't expect Ms. Smallstorm to N0T have no clue..
Unless I misconstrued & she simply only mentioned in passing.. But WHY would she even bring up the story without an explanation.. ??

Mark Devlin

Could you please post what evidence or citations you have to support the assertion that the Manson murders were a hoax and that Sharon Tate is still alive?