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DJ Lance Vegas

Zurich, Switzerland

Good rocking stuff Ladies and Gents!

Lance Vegas has been involved in DJaying since 1995. He has progressed through several music genres and is therefore an extremely versatile DJ who knows what is required at both ends of the range, from warming up the crowd – to putting on a headline performance, he knows when to inject the right formula at the right time.

His outstanding ability to feel what the guests expect of a good Rock'n'Roll night and his musical spectrum makes him a popular choice for club promoters. His talents are made obvious by his mixing skills and crossover style, along with his ability to deliver long, progressional sets, which take the crowd on a roller coaster ride of pure indulgence.

Loves to play: Swing, Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, Blues Bop to Hop, 60's-Garage-Rock'n'Roll and Psychobilly.
Lance Vegas was the first Swiss DJ playing at Viva Las Vegas, the world's biggest Rockabilly Weekender.