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Tokyo, Japan

In this age many call themselves “DJs” This unfortunate phenomenon has lead to an excessive number of fake DJs or simply people playing tracks with no actual skill. DJ KEN-SKE is not part of this new wave of posers. He is a real DJ, not a track-maker but strictly a club based DJ.

KEN-SKE plays a variety of events for regular folks to club freaks blending styles and eras of old and new in genres like Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, House, Electro, Disco, Soul, Funk, Rare Groove, 80’s, New Wave and Top 40. KEN-SKE’s fans are not only club goers but he also receives a great deal of support from dancers, DJs, party organizers and other industry types. KEN-SKE plays over 100 gigs a year.

“When it comes to DJing I don’t discriminate. I enjoy rocking an underground Hip Hop set in a tiny secret Japanese bar as much as playing top 40 in a big room or arena. My only goal is to move the crowd “ - DJ KEN-SKE