Star White

Star White

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Star White

1. Hold Tight (Original Mix) - DJ Getdown/Charles J - Porno Star Records (US) 
2. Body Rockin’ (Original Mix) - Crispin J Glover - Century City Music 
3. Whatif (Tube & Berger Remix) - Hanne & Lore - Heulsuse 
4. Everybody’s Looking for Something - Kolombo & Fran Bortolossi - Loulou Records 
5. Frenzy - Serge Devant - Knee Deep In Sound 
6. Gin’To - Lumoon & Rob!n - Salted Music 
7. Holdin On (Dub Mix) - Powder Monkeys/Homero Espinosa - Doin Work Records 
8. Stranger Lies (The Lord’s Re-Decoration) - Lord Leopard - MFF (Music For Freaks) 
9. Get Up (Original Mix) - Vincent (FR) - Supremus Records 
10. Clap Your Hands (Sex Machine Mix) - Funk The Beat - PPmusic 
11. Tomboy (Original Mix) - JoBu - emby 
12. Bunny Tone (Original Mix) - Phonique/Belkina - Bunny Tiger

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Playing tracks by DJ Getdown, Charles J, Crispin J Glover, Hanne & Lore, Tube & Berger, Kolombo & Fran Bortolossi, Serge Devant and more.


Raúl Vargas

Love it so much!

DJ Jolene

Thank you!

Raúl Vargas

I LOVE ur sound!!! I ve been a fan of DI house channel forever and now discovering ur sets. Fantastic! Thank u!

DJ Jolene

Glad you found me! Yes, house channel is my love affair with house music.

Nicole Axton Knop

Dang girl... way to get after it! Star White is star bright!! Love it from top to bottom!

DJ Jolene

I hope you were shaking your booty all the way through!!