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Blanc de Blanc

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Blanc de Blanc

1. Impala (Original Mix) - Till Von Sein - Tilly Jam 
2. Rock And Push It - MF Project - Doomusic 
3. I Can’t Stand It (Original Mix) - Will The Funkboss - Smokin’ Beat 
4. Come On Everybody (Original Mix) - Vertigini - Blacksoul Music 
5. Let Me Try (Original Mix) - Kry Wolf/DJ Rae - Toolroom 
6. Work It Out (Club Mix) - OFFAIAH - Defected 
7. Into The Groove (Used Disco Remix) - Jaques Le Noir - Synth Tones 
8. Fever (Original Mix) - Fish From Japan - Bunny Tiger 
9. When I Look At You (Original Mix) - Zak Woodman - Wired 
10. Porno Disco  (Original Mix) - Seph Martin - Mood Funk Records 
11. Can U Feel It - Richard Scholtz - Salted Music 
12. Feel Like Dancing (Homero Espinosa and Ivan Ruiz Deep Mix) - Natural Rhythm - Moulton Music 
13. Bring Me Down - T.U.R.F. - Exploited 

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Playing tracks by Till Von Sein, MF Project, Will The Funkboss, Vertigini, Kry Wolf, DJ Rae and more.


Morten Prom

Mmmm, funky as always!

DJ Jolene

Thanks for checking it out!