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The Return Of the House Boy (1995)

The Return Of the House Boy (1995)

It was 1995 and I was 23 years old. My professional career had started a few years earlier in 1990. I was playing Clubs, Underground events and Raves, building a name. I'd been making 10 tape packages for Gramaphone when the guys from "R-Mart" approached me about doing a mix for them. This would be my first mass released tape, selling in record stores all over the U.S. I went home and put together what I considered at that time one of my best recorded efforts( I hadn't made quick and a few others yet). This was a 90 minute tape 45 minutes a side, 2 mixes. The first side was meant to be underground housey house, the second side leaned more towards the techy side(tech house as a genre didn't exist in 1995). The second side features my favorite Derrick Carter track ever "Elektrik Disko". Up until last week I hadn't heard this mix in 18-20 years. This has been remastered to the best I could get out of a 23 year old tape. So here's a mix I made at 23, 23 years later...



What would be fun to hear is a recording of the Party where you took over the decks @ a party in 96 or 7 correct me if I'm Wrong Anyone.... PLEASE
Whoever it was said you kicked them off the tables / stole their spot -
I think it was Snuggles or Soak but definitely one of those guys...??? They were Pissed - It was a mainly Jungle & Drum & Bass party thrown by Inkline- Subzero (I Think)
Afterwards They made comments on their voicemail about the incident without mentioning who it was at first but then they called your name out Directly ... could have been someone else's voicemail.......??
It Was Really Ridiculous But I remember you really Rocked that little Dump they called a venue ...... maybe it was the break from the Jungle that made it so good but I don't think so......

Jennee Miller

What is the name of the cut at 20:00. I've heard it one million times, tip of my tongue.. (reminds me of Big Love..)


Absolutely Love your Pic and Story too :) I'm gonna call and try to order a tape catalog LmAO


Used to Own this Fine Mixtape :) This is Out of this World Fantastic Thank for sharing but Where's the usual link on this one Brother? Please..... do share

Catherine Boskovic

Love it!!

DJ Lady D - Chicago!

oh the memories