Everlove - 056 - Beyond Ability

Everlove - 056 - Beyond Ability

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Everlove - 056 - Beyond Ability
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I expand my energy field and allow full activation of lost hidden abilities within, such as psychic visioning, manifestation, aura sight and extra sensory perception. I believe and have full faith in myself, the everlasting spirit, infinite soul, and its gifts of this body in this lifetime. I realize the concept of limits has been agreed to by my higher self to allow my soul to realize these gifts in its own time. My soul will remember gifts of past or future lives that will allow magic and miracles in this life. I connect with this light, expanding ever forward towards my everlasting now of abundance, bliss, joy and expanding awareness. I am beyond my ability…. With Everlove.


Playing tracks by Alex Rize, Thee Cool Cats, Milk & Sugar, Jaceo and Peter Flow.

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