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Craig Wood

Virginia, United States

A hobby turned obsession that began on a pair of secondhand (perhaps third or fourthhand) Technics two decades ago, Craig Wood is the personification of the working DJ. While he has DJ’d his fair share of bars, parties and clubs over the years, he has since parlayed his unique mixing and programming skills to inject life into the dance floors of local, destination and international private, high-end events and weddings. His reputation as one of the premier event DJ’s in the greater DC Metro area and beyond has been solidifed not only by his numerous awards and reviews, but word of mouth amongst his peers and colleagues alike for his positive vibe and relentless work ethic.

While Craig certainly has a love, fondness and appreciation for nearly all genres of music (sorry Happy Hardcore) his heart will always beat fastest for all things House and Drum n Bass, both of which will certainly be showcased here on Mixcloud.