Live Set From Black Gummy

Live Set From Black Gummy

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Live Set From Black Gummy
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DJ B-Funk

Live Mix From the Black Gummy Show I dj'ed on Friday, August 10th, 2018.

So glad I was picked to open this show as I was able to play a style I don't normally get to play out because the night doesn't call for it. Black Gummy plays a particular style of darker techno that I didn't want to try and copy, but I wanted to try and keep the vibe similar.

Most of these songs I have only listened to in the car because i didn't think I could pull them off in a live setting. Glad I touch the chance and played them as the response was STELLAR! Thanks for coming out early and supporting!

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Playing tracks by Deadmau5 Fn Pig (Original Mix), Porter Robinson 100% In The Bitch, Justice Helix (Gesaffelstein Vision Remix), Bixel Boys & Poupon Ain't Your Girl, Alex Metric Creeper and more.


Corbin Branson

Any chance you have the track list for this mix man? I was there that night and heard hella songs I’d love to grab and play with!

DJ B-Funk
DJ B-Funk

Just saw this, the track list is provided on this mix. Let me know if you have trouble. Thanks and enjoy!