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Bear Cole

Flagstaff, United States

Bear Cole here. That's my real name. My parents probably gave it to me because I'm a freakin' animal! I make mixes for all the other party animals out there. I also produce dance music myself, and by subscribing you will get free mixes no one else does.


Sign up as a SELECT subscriber right here. Get special longer mixes for suscribers only, and free downloads and special mixes including my original productions. I make sure my subscribers get all the fire that nobody else has access to.

My favorite way to play is Open Format. Hopping between genres, decades, and styles quickly. All the mixes you hear are Live & 1 Take. I only add drops after the fact.

My party animal friends help keep things in order and fun around here. Go to to meet the whole crew, and learn about The Party Animals.

The Party Animals and I all have very different tastes and styles, so make sure you use the "Playlists" Tab to hear just the mixes you will enjoy.