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DJ Aaron James - ON AIR 004 (OCT) -

DJ Aaron James - ON AIR 004 (OCT) -

Chart positions

This show was 1st in the global deep tech house chart, 2nd in the global funky house chart, 2nd in the global afro house chart, 2nd in the global progressive house deep house tech house chart and 12th in the global tech house chart.

Welcome to ON AIR 004 the fourth instalment in my monthly series with A 2hr soundscape of 'Underground' selections that move me - and hopefully you too. Each month feat. choice cuts by major acts, as well as shining spotlight on producers whom I admire and who inspire. Happy to feature a whole bunch of goodness from family and friends this time, both unreleased and exclusive, or already signed to labels.

Big love to anyone pressing Play, and a capital L in Love to anyone sharin'. Big up to all the artists! And a special mention to all those I've had the pleasure of Listening to on this platform recently who in their own way contributed to this mix. 💥🙏💥


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DJ Dividi / Diderik van Loef

Almost everybody here on Mixcloud can mix tracks. That in it self is already fantastic.
Than there are less DJ's that can mix ánd tell a story with their mix.
Than only a few can mix, tell a story and while they are telling that story put the proverbial words of that story in paint on a proverbial painting.
And than there are the happy few who can mix, telling the story in music, while painting that story in proverbial full colour paint on a beautiful musical proverbial painting and finish the painting of with a wonderfull framework.
(in Dutch this sounds better in my head hahaha ... hard to translate the right intonation in another language hahaha) But you my friend are one of those happy few.

The lyrics of "Style by Mash" hahaha ... those could have been written by me :-) "I have seen dogs with more style than man" ... al so that track by Vadim Almazov (Slow by Kylie Minogue) ... Fan-tas-tic!
I kept it going to David San Pepersonico. Still 15 minutes to listen to, but I have to bounce now.
It was terrific!



Wow my Friend such a thoughtful and inspiring Comment. I'm a bit speechless about it at the moment but thanking you so much. I love how that Dutch translation is sounding in your head ... nothing wrong with it at all. Really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. 💥🙏💥

Black Coffee 'IBiZA' Sounds



Thank you Legend. 🙏💥🙏


Beats mate, yes, yes.


Thanks @Gruffstuff really appreciate you spending some valuable time with me here. See you soon on your page. 🙏💥🙏


yo finally had a minute to check this fire mix mang ! niice


Hey brother thanks so much! Love it when you show up to the party. 🥳🥳🥳


💫📣☀✨🔥⚡️✨Support !!💫⭐️🎧🎼🎹❤️🔊


Hi @Dorio_Vanti thanks for your support, I appreciate it! 🙏❤️

Jon Harris | SoulDomain

Great work Aaron. Top quality tech, real class and perfectly arranged and mixed! Loved it!🔥 🎵 👏 🙏 😌


Hi Jon really appreciate you passing by and spending some of your valuable time here. Thanks for the lovely Comment. 🙏💥

Rich Emby

Sorry for taking so long to comment on this excellent set, I just haven't found that much time recently. I really loved this the diversity of your song selections are inspiring. Just house music at it's finest, beautifully mixed and perfectly built to make something quite special. Looking forward to the next one, although I may just take another listen to this one. ✌


Hi Rich ... it's never too late to show up to the party already in progress. Glad you're here and thanks for the Listen and the lovely Comment! Happy you liked it. 🙏💥

Steve James

Absolutely top quality journey Aaron!! ... This is more than just a set ... This is an EXPERIENCE ... A perfectly crafted selection of music, blended seamlessly to create a magical journey ... I started listening a few days ago, but had to come back today to listen to the rest, and I'm glad I did ... My utmost respect is reserved for those DJ's who take the time to hunt for the best music they can possibly find, as opposed to hastily downloading a bunch of random tunes and playing them in any order ... I can tell you have spent a lot of time searching for and accumulating the music to curate this audio experience, so big respect to you for not accepting anything less than the best music for your session ... I will take quality over quantity every time ... Thank you for sharing this gem, and I look forward to the next one!!!!! 😎🎧🎵


Hi Steve ... we not only share the same last name Steve but the same deep appreciation for the craft. I hope it's okay I just posted your Comment to my FB page with the subject line "I feel so ... Understood.😊 Us DJs live for Comments and support such as this. Very nice way to start the day anyway. ❤️🙏"

Thank you my Friend for putting a smile on my face this morning, and giving me a reflective and purposeful moment. An inspiring Comment - and certainly a motivating one. Looking forward to checking out some of your new shows as well. Heading over to your page pronto. 🙏💥🙏

Steve James

No worries Aaron!! ... I don't mind you posting my comment on FB 😄 ... DJ'ing is a craft that goes way beyond just "playing music" ... Some people say it is similar to the job of an archaeologist, because you are always digging for something, and that digging never stops ... Trying to find treasure amongst piles of rubble and trash is what makes the work of a DJ very frustrating and painstaking at times, but when we DO find that treasure, it is very rewarding ... When a DJ plays a set, he or she can make it look easy ... but many of the listeners don't realise how many hours that DJ has spent digging through hundreds of tracks in order to put together a 2 hour set, not to mention perfecting the art of mixing ... We are DJ's, so we understand the struggle. We don't just switch on the decks and press play ... A serious DJ spends far more time researching and looking for music than he actually does playing music and performing ... Those hours of research and dedication to telling a story through your track selections came through when I listened to this set of yours. Everything slotted together neatly like a jigsaw puzzle, and it was a real treat to my ears ... Thank you again for sharing your sublime sessions, and I really look forward to hearing more of them. Massive respect to you, and enjoy the upcoming weekend brother. Peace 👊


Steve, great comment to a fantastic set🔥 - nothing more, nothing less, you hit the nail on the head.👍👏👏👏
Aaron, another proof that you are doing a great job, not only behind the DJ console but also in your fantastic comments section.😍


Hi again Steve ... Hi again @DeeJayAA ... really grateful to the both of you. Thanks so much for spending your valuable time with me here. Next show is going up on MON feel free to show up it's gonna be a party! 🥳🥳🥳


As always an expertly curated selection of tracks, expertly mixed across various genres into a sublime set @djaaronjames . Fantastic! 🙏😀🙌🎶🔊💯


@DJ-AW deeply grateful for your time and for your kind Comment. Really happy you could join the party, and hope to see you on the next round. 🙏❤️🙏

Mikey Mike Bangkok

Bangin' as always from Mr. James!


Hi @mikeymikebkk ... cheers bro really appreciate this coming from you. Thanks for taking the time. Hope you found the Tracklist helpful. 🙏❤️

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