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Wiesbaden, Germany

Since mid-ninetees,
derriving from the clubscene ffm,
TIME4BEATZ aka Jörg J. has wholly managed to capture the habits of multiple generations of electronic dance music.
With over one and a half decades he created a unique trademark in his way to infuse progressive devices in his eletro/tech/house track compositons.
Combined with his charismatic performance flair he developed a flawless trademark indicated by vast dynamic sound and attritional stunning elements that kicks the shit out of your ass and leaves an unforgettable impression on his faithful audience.
An unconventional synthesis of various styles characterizes his art of music.
Wether mainstream or fringe, theres nothing cut and dried comparable to find somewhere else.

Faceb: http://www.facebook.com/Time4beatz.Music
Twitter: http://twitter.com/time4beatz
Soundc: http://soundcloud.com/time4beatz