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80's Miami Bass Breaks vs. Dubstep ALL VINYL MIX

80's Miami Bass Breaks vs. Dubstep ALL VINYL MIX

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80's Bass Breaks vs Dubstep.

This an all Vinyl dj mix of original 80's Miami Bass Records and current Dubstep tracks... All pieces of vinyl used are origianl pressings and not represses... Enjoy/// OLD SKOOL MASSIVE BIG UPS!!!!



Boisterous, ambidextrous and a BLITZ of a mix!

@ 4:40 I stared to get all the imaginings of a mix so synced to the actions and misappropriations of bank robbers who refuse to use guns... their weapons are anything but instantaneously terminal, but their intent couldn't be any less serious*

The convicts could be daytime butchers who had leftover salami or pipe fitters who just came up with some spare copper OR worse yet (and I love jazz) but a school teacher who manages after school jazz lessons and just happened to have a grip of horns and trumpets to bludgeon resistant customers with...

YES, it's madness, but then I'm jacked on coffee and bustin' a move to THIS =]

( my funny way of saying THANKS and hoping to hear more =o


If I used software then I wouldn't be a dj.... just another mp3j or a bj.. also I have good needles its having to convert to mp3 files that ruin my sound quality. All of my mixes are done with all vinyl, 2 turntables, shure m-447 needles and a stanton sa-12 mixer.... when I originally record I format to wav file but mixcloud insists on mp3 files.... if anyone has better ideas of how they wont sound so muffled after conversion please let me know... im def not computer saavy but can still rock it on the wheels of steel... and wtf where are either of your twos mixes? You both have nothing on your page!?!? Fuck fake wannabe djs... where were you in 98 when I was out rockin house parties at the age of 14?!! Computer mixing takes no skill or finesse. If you can't mix vinyl then your skills as a dj are whack to me... fuck off


I think some people should just stick to ableton........probably better sound quality if you can't afford good needles