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dj BC presents Santastic

Atlanta, United States

Dear Listeners:
'Santastic' is the annual free mashup holiday album series, where a selection of mashup artists, remixers, bands and parodists explores the crazier, hipper, nerdier, funkier, hip-hoppier, punkier, quirkier, dancier side of the holidays by mixing, mashing, fragmenting, subverting, inverting, appropriating, covering, and lovingly exploding the classics of the season. It's fun.

And it's Christmas time again. Fire up the trees! We are back with the ninth installment of the Santastic Series- the tenth if you count our Chanukah-themed album, Menorah Mashups. Now at, with easy access to ALL the old stuff, and a few of my other Christmas music side projects. That's HUNDREDS of classic holiday mashups and choons. Whoa. Dude.

I truly hope you dig listening to our holiday mixes as much as we dug making them. Maybe they will even serve as a glittery soundtrack for some portion of your holiday season- that is really the most I can hope for.

dj BC

dj BC presents Santastic

Santastic No. 9: "It's A Major Award"