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Lord Jonathan Phoenix

Staffordshire, United Kingdom

In 2021, I brought back my DJ'ing from the 'Past' to the 'Present'.

As some may know, the 'Majestic' Phoenix Bird is able to resurrect itself from the ashes and as I hold this 'Majestic' surname my DJ resurrection has been reborn.

My resurrection is from 1996 when my DJ'ing sadly had to end due to employments who classed such, as confects of interest.

Such conflicts do not apply, so quality mix-sets will be uploaded with 'Commitment', 'Integrity', 'Pride', and 'Devotion'.

I am now a Contributing and Resident DJ with Maxximixx, but I will be uploading Mixcloud 'Exclusive Mix-Sets' throughout this year with my usual 'Intro/Outro' flair, as all my followers know these are unique to me and will be reserved to Mixcloud only, nothing will change this.

(Due to Mixcloud's 2023 policy for 'Standard Users' the maximum Mix-Sets is 10 only, so a lot of prior mixes have been moved to My Drafts)


"If GOD was a DJ, LIFE is a DANCE FLOOR, LOVE is the RHYTHM, YOU are the MUSIC."