DJ -- A. W.

London, United Kingdom

A multi genre, vinyl DJ since 1998.
Live every Friday in my Divinyl Sessions.

Today, manually beat matching digital music, using vinyl style Denon SC6000M Turntables + Denon X1850 Mixer. πŸŽ›

Initially a vinyl DJ back in the late 90s in Glasgow bars, clubs and pirate radio shows. In 2016 I recorded my collection of over 1,000 vinyl to mp3 to facilitate moving in with my now wife Juliet. Later selling them to our good friends.

In March 2020 during Covid lockdown 1.0 in the UK, I decided to try digital mixing with a Traktor Kontrol S2. I started streaming a mix once a week for my furloughed sanity, & the love and power of great music to raise the spirit and bring people together.

Initially I was mixing from my collection but now I purchase tunes from Beatport and other digital record pools, to share some great mixes of amazing music that hopefully you enjoy.

Do come and join me live for my Divinyl Sessions every Friday 4pm - 6pm UK time.

Look after yourselves, be kind. πŸ«‚ πŸ«ΆπŸ’œ