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Disco Shed

Oxford, London, Essex And All Over..., United Kingdom

In 2005 Count Skylarkin had a house party. The decks went in the shed, the speakers on the roof and Peepshow Paddy said let's take it on the road. The rest, as they say, is a mystery...

But since then, the Disco Shed has become festival-land's must-have accessory, from the bigger (Reading, Big Chill) to the middler (Cornbury, Latitude) to the tiddler (Festinho, Rollright Fayre).

Reknowned for it's kitsch party pummelling soundsystem and allotment-rockin' beats as eclectic as, well, the contents of your average garden shed – Disco Shed DJs spin everything from soul to reggae, hip hop to house, drum & Bass to dubstep, then drink the bar dry and moan about getting splinters.