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#7 Freedom: Choice, Responsibility, and Trust

#7 Freedom: Choice, Responsibility, and Trust

This session discusses the core theme of this show: Freedom.When and how is freedom experienced? What does it take to get free? And is there a price to choosing freedom?You create your own reality. And the first step to your creation is through choice.The universe is here to serve you, the creator, and the only way it can do so in its highest compassion is with your consent. Therefore, everything you experience in your world, without exception, is the fulfillment of your choices.As the sole creator of your reality, there is no one else to blame or credit for your happiness or unhappiness with your life. And the sooner you accept and take full responsibility for your creatorship and your creations, the sooner you can release the Matrix and begin to consciously manifest true freedom in your life.Why? Because you're either a creator or you're a victim. And once you turn away from victimhood and declare y