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#17 Game of Throne

#17 Game of Throne

[Transcript]Hello sovereign creators. Welcome to Episode 17 titled, “Game of Throne.” Are you ready to be Master of your world? Do you truly wish to be the Sovereign of your kingdom, take your rightful seat on the throne, and claim the scepter of your authority? If you’re serious about being a fully awakened, divinely embodied, integrated, and realized human in this lifetime, you’re going to be asked to take on a specific challenge that I’ll discuss today. Will you accept, or will you postpone? It all depends on how badly you want to wake up now! The Call to the ThroneI usually post a new episode once a week, but I took the past couple of weeks off because of a rather loud request from within me. I get these requests from time to time, and when it comes up, I take it up immediately because every time this happens, it’s a clear call to action that there’s something very important I need to learn at this point in my journey in order to reach a new level of knowi