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#16 Apocalypse Now

#16 Apocalypse Now

[Transcript]Hello sovereign creators. Thanks for tuning in. I’m your host Alice Kim and today is Episode 16 called “Apocalypse Now.”The Apocalypse is more than the destruction of the world or the cataclysmic event prophesied in religious circles. It’s much more intimate than that. Rather than being an external event, it’s an internal transformation that uncovers and uproots all your untruths  so that you can create your own new Heaven and Earth here and now. The End DaysWhat is an apocalypse? The simplest definition of apocalypse is a catastrophic destruction of the world, whether it be by our own hands, the environment, by planetary forces, or what have you.But the Apocalypse that most people refer to isn’t so much only about the physical destruction of Earth. What most Western people associate the Apocalypse with are the biblical end times, the doomsday scenario called Armageddon. It’s the prophesied time of the final battle between the forces of good a