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#14 Questions for a New Reality

#14 Questions for a New Reality

[Transcript]Hello there. Thanks tuning in. I'm your host Alice Kim, and this is Episode 14 titled “Questions for a New Reality.”Are you bored, unfulfilled, or even totally fed up with your life? Would you like more happiness, laughter, peace and lightness in your world?If you really want to experience more joy and freedom in your life, you’re going to have to change your mind about what you think and believe about it, because how you choose to see your life is how your life will be shown to you.So today I’ll share with you a few short and simple questions that will help you to first clear out your mind clutter, the thought-trash that’s clogging up the pipes and making it hard for you to connect with your essence. Then we’ll start to set up a new vantage point from which to reconfigure and reorient the way you want to see your life, so that that begins to appear as the new reality for you.Sound good?Transcending the Matrix of MindBefore we start with