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#12 Disconnecting from the Matrix

#12 Disconnecting from the Matrix

This episode takes a step back to discuss the theme of this show, which is about the Matrix and, specifically, about disconnecting from it.There are many layers to the Matrix, but simply put, it's an illusory construct of mass consciousness belief systems. These are group beliefs that come from 'out there': from family, friends, society, culture, religion, education, politics, science, media, and the list goes on.The Matrix is made up of beliefs, and all beliefs are untrue. It's a blueprint of lies that you downloaded into your consciousness to create your world. A world where most of us trudge through amid self-created limitations, fear, dissatisfaction and lack because we've bought into the crap stories, the crap counterfeit software bootlegged from other people’s minds.From a very young age, these mass beliefs program your mind and turn you into a robot. They're like viruses that take over your mind and