La Guerra Del Cadetto (Canedicoda guestmix)

La Guerra Del Cadetto (Canedicoda guestmix)

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La Guerra Del Cadetto (Canedicoda guestmix)
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De Nor

Somebody's stuck in between the bars that surround De Nor, and nobody's allowed to help him because he is Italian and can not be touched, he has to be in quarantaine for 2 weeks over there, in between the bars, in the burning sun.
That special person is Canedicoda, and to make his quarantaine less painful we asked him to make a guestmix which was not easy in his position.
Canedicoda is a fahion designer, musician, artist, silkscreen madman and furniture designer from Milano. His clothes look like moving collages, and he could rebuild your house in about 3 days (out of burrato mozarella).