The Paranormal Pride-Apex Paranormal KC -1-30-2017

The Paranormal Pride-Apex Paranormal KC -1-30-2017

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The Paranormal Pride-Apex Paranormal KC -1-30-2017
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Denise Pridemore

The Apex Paranormal Team
Apex Paranormal is a non-profit organization from the Kansas City metro area specializing in paranormal investigations. We primarily serve the Kansas and Missouri areas but do travel for investigations. As a Non-profit organization our investigations are provided free of charge to our clients. All of our investigators have experienced paranormal activity and are driven to further the field of research and investigation. We seek to find the answers to the experiences we have had and to help others gain a better understanding of the paranormal.

Elijah Buchholz
Shawn Holland
Ed Lowder
Phil Stevenson - KC


Walter Wynnchok