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London, United Kingdom

Delicasession are a London-based electronica act formed in 2006. Delicasession's 'Coastal EP' was the debut release in November 2007. The 'Tape Check EP', the band's second, was released in May 2009. 'Tape Check' was picked up by Northern Star Records and included on their acclaimed compilation 'Revolution In Sound'. 2010 saw the release of the free, digital-only 'Remixed EP' that featured re-workings of their music from four diverse artists.

The Delicasession Radio Show used to broadcast every Friday on DIY Radio, which can be found here:

We'll use this page to post up other mixes, and archive shows from our time waaaaay back.on Innacity FM and Subliminal Muzik.

What is The Delicasession Radio Show? Could be any of the following: Breaks, Hip-Hop, Lounge, Reggae, Electronica, Dub, Unsigned Music, Nu-Jazz, Turntablism, Dub-Step, Electro, World Music and more. We dunno, we make it up as we go along.....