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Georgie's Vision
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Deirdre Mulrooney

We all know about Maud Gonne, but have you ever heard of George, aka Mrs. WB Yeats? In September 1917, Yeats proposed to 25-year-old Georgie Hyde-Lees and they were married in October of that year. In this programme we learn more about this extraordinary but self-effacing woman who was the catalyst for her husband’s greatest poetry, yet said “thank-you for leaving me out”. Contributors include Professor Margaret Mills Harper, official biographer, Ann Saddlemyer, grand-daughter Caitriona Yeats, Benedictine Monk Mark Patrick Hederman, poet John Montague, Olwen Fouere and Pat Laffan.

Readers : Olwen Fouere (George's voices), Pat Laffan as WB Yeats; Ingrid Craigie, David Heap, Victoria Mary Clarke

Narrator: Deirdre Mulrooney

Produced, written, researched & directed by Deirdre Mulrooney

Sound Supervision : Brendan Rehill

A Deirdre Mulrooney production made with the support of BAI Sound and Vision Scheme.

First broadcast on RTE Lyric FM on September 30th, 2016