DJ Manfredo in the mix 2019.10.14

DJ Manfredo in the mix 2019.10.14

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DJ Manfredo in the mix 2019.10.14
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DJ Manfredo

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from Dancefloor to deeeeeep…. with a kinky electro beat…. Play it very loud for your partyyyyyyy :o)


Wolfgang Schmidt

AUSTRiA - 2019, Nov. 05th / 10:35am

Dear Mr. cul man S(wound) System Dj MANREFDO

….so 1st greetings & very enthusiastic **Dj. MANREDO** Greetings from the Heart of Europe = small but very fine AUSTRiA…. but without Kangaroo ;-) + :-)

Well, concerning UR general taste in music & general presentation performance. At 54years young, UR very well danceable Mainstream-Music is coming across very well….. yeeeaaah, like dis..!!!

Tastefully, refreshingly & at the same time delicately well put together successfully…. Bingooooo

Wonderful for long driving distances, which i practice extensively. However, at least i personally feel UR **Dj. Manfredo JiNGLES** is very disturbing..!!!

Namely, when i`m completely chill UR f***** cul Music-Mixes while driving pull. And completely unexpectedly very annoying Jingles out of the Chill-Phase literally tear out.... mega LOL(ly)

Maybe & i hope..!!! U can / U do NOT want 2practice dis anymore..!!! THAT would be desirable, at least for MY part.

Otherwise, i hope U`ve everything in the green Area..?! ;-) + :-)

With enthusiastic, respectful Greetings from the north-western Part of AUSTRiA