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The Courage of Easter People

The Courage of Easter People

It is after dinner in an upper room. They are reclining, these disciples, leaning on each other's chests, their freshly-washed feet propped up. They have had Passover dinners before, but none like this.
Never before at Passover had a teacher removed his robe and knelt on the floor by a basin, washing his disciples' dusty feet one by one.
Never before at Passover had a rabbi poured a glass of wine and said, "This is the cup of the new covenant, poured out in my blood."
Never before at Passover had a dearly-loved leader said with such calm confidence that someone would betray him.
What Jesus had hinted at to his followers for years--that he would die--is finally coming into focus. It is no longer just a strange and confusing rumor--it is imminent.
The folks gathered in this upper room are a ragtag bunch who left everything to follow Jesus. They were fishermen and tax collectors and carpenters, but now they are followers. They are disciples of Jesus.
And now he--the one who they tr