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Act I: The Younger Son
Dad is well off. He is a gentleman farmer who owns considerable land. The younger son gets bored and wants to take off. You have known people like this; they have to live fast. Morning chores will never hold them to the farm. This guy must get out of here. Leave home--hit the road.
He demands his half of the inheritance and goes to live where life is fast and loud and busy. Usually a father must die for an inheritance to pass on, but the younger son breaks the old man's heart by saying, in essence, "You are dead to me; I'll take mine now."
With a broken heart, the old man hands over the enormous check.
Free at last! Money in his pocket and big cities to visit. Wine, women, and song. Late nights in clubs and slow, slow mornings, but he is living large.
"Prodigal" does not mean "nasty" or "sinful," but "one who spends or gives lavishly, one who is foolishly extravagant." He moves far from home where nobody knows him, where he can be reckless without restrain