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Check Your Weapons at the Door

Check Your Weapons at the Door

About four years ago, my husband Toby and I were on a motorcycle trip riding through Yellowstone National Park. Somewhere near Yellowstone Lake, I had an unfortunate collision with a bug at 70mph. I will spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say that the collision required a visit to the local hospital in Cody, Wyoming, just outside the west entrance of the park. As we entered the hospital, we noticed a big sign on the front door: "Check Your Weapons at the Door."
As we found out later, the sign was put up because many of the patrons of the hospital--it being Wyoming and all--would show up for treatment packing heat! I've never forgotten that sign and have thought of it often, as I believe "Check Your Weapons at the Door" is a good instruction not only for a hospital but also for life.
There are a lot of weapons floating around these days. On the international scene, there are nukes, drone strikes, and WMDs--weapons of mass destruction. Here in the United States, we have