The Ivy-Strangled Path Vol. XVII

The Ivy-Strangled Path Vol. XVII

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The Ivy-Strangled Path Vol. XVII
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David Colohan

01. CBC Ident - Twin Peaks (Excerpt) - The Frighteners
02. The View - Albion Dance Band
03. Duet... - White Guardian's Windbells -- Jill Whitehead - Dick Mills
04. Woesome Morning - Katya Yonder
05. Love Is A Funny Thing - Spirogyra
06. Places & Things - Malcolm Clarke
07. City Of Endless Stairways - John Foxx
08. RTE Ad - L'ora Di Agire -- S. Brugnolini
09. We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago - Hawkwind
10. Watershed - John Surman
11. Dreamplay 2 - Michele Mercure
12. Autumn - Heslington Primary School
13. Vichnaya Pamyat - Hildur Guðnadóttir
14. Lost In Space - I Love To Fly - Mark Van Hoen
15. Original BGM - Haruomi Hosono
16. Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Mysteries - Stewart Phillips
17. Changebury - Justin Hopper & Belbury Poly
18. Rush In - Sky Burial -- Roger Eno & Peter Hammill - Hen Ogledd
19. A Language Of Sex - Qanun Melody -- Bobby Krlic - Marie Bagdasarian
20. Nikki & Davey - Le Matos
21. The Prisoner - Ribbons -- Sproatly Smith
22. Awakening - Tangerine Dream


Playing tracks by Composer Unknown, Albion Dance Band, Jill Whitehead - Dick Mills, Katya Yonder, Spirogyra and more.

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José Miguel Domínguez Leal

wonderful mix!

David Colohan


George Frankum

It's always good news when you post another of these ivy-strangled paths.

David Colohan

It's been way too long. More to come!

David Colohan

Cheers. The last one was meant to be the final one but I got in the mood for more. Thanks for listening!


Still in the process of listening but what a treat it was to see a notification for this in my inbox!!

David Colohan

Cheers! Hope it goes down well...