The Ivy-Strangled Path Vol. XVI

The Ivy-Strangled Path Vol. XVI

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The Ivy-Strangled Path Vol. XVI
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David Colohan

01. Scarfolk TV Ident - The Owl Service - Wicker Man Song -- Nature & Organisation
02. Oh How We Laughed - Deux Filles
03. Main Titles - Louis & Bebe Barron
04. Open Spheres - Symboter
05. Tell It Like It Is - Bill Fay
06. I Know What I Saw - The Moon Stallion -- Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
07. Silent Hill - Jeff Danna & Akira Yamaoka
08. The Legend Of Hell House - Delia Derbyshire & Brian Hodgson
09. Scarborough Fair - Synthesonic Sounds
10. The Ghost Of Mrs. Payne (Field Recording, 1975) - Veils & Mirrors -- Glynis Jones
11. Agent Cooper Tapes (Excerpt) - Sky - Eric Wetherell
12. Rain For A While - Hintermass
13. Introduction - Gods - Louise Huebner
14. Chok - Francesco Cabiati
15. Historyjka - Księżyc
16. 1966 - Richard Youngs
17. Mother - Gilli Smyth
18. A L'horizon Clerveaux - Camera Obscura
19. Adderbury Creation Myth - Adrian Corker
20. Awake Awake... - Shirley Collins
21. Bells & Tape 2 - Ship Beetel -- Adrian Corker - Gigi Masin


Playing tracks by Nature & Organisation, Deux Filles, Louis & Bebe Barron, Symboter, Bill Fay and more.

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Only 10 months late but I want to thank you for these mixes. They are some of my favorites to work or relax to. Incredible lineups, all of them are wonderful <3

David Colohan

Aw, thanks so much.

José Miguel Domínguez Leal

Great as usual

David Colohan

Thank you :)

The Edge Of The Ape Oven

While listening to this early this morning, my coffee turned to sweet ambrosia and I was ensorcelled by a fragrant smelling ground squirrel. I woke up an hour later, refreshed and with a new found appreciation for acorns and electricity.

David Colohan

Then my job, or at least the job of the spirits who guide me, is done :)

George Frankum

Thank you! Another fine casket of haunting and beautiful sounds. Your record collection must be guarded by a dragon.

David Colohan

Glad yer liking it. The dragon has been rewarded for her loyalty...


Just sublime, David. Loved the Symboter and the Francesco Cabiati and, oh my gosh, the beautiful Richard Youngs compilation track (I haven't thought about that one in a while!). And with just under a half an hour yet to go in the mix I am sure there will be more treasures to unearth. Thank you!

David Colohan

Ah so glad you're enjoying it. I forgot how nice it was to put these together...