The Ivy-Strangled Path Vol. XIII

The Ivy-Strangled Path Vol. XIII

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The Ivy-Strangled Path Vol. XIII
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David Colohan

01. BBC Video Ident - Movimenti E Silenzi Per Spazi Bianchi (Edit) - The Stones Of Blood (Excerpt) - Elena's Sound World -- Lino Capra Vaccina - Sinoia Caves
02. Worzel Gummidge (Theme) - The Landlord's Daughter -- Neil Cameron - Magnet
03. Phyllis Spills Her Guts - David Hess
04. Agent Cooper Tapes (Excerpt) - The Lonesome Death of Elijah P. Woods -- Sabalon Glitz
05. On Suicide - Extwistle Hall -- Art Bears - Demdike Stare
06. The Cleveland Way PIF
07. Ace Of Wands (Theme) - Andrew Brown
08. Voices - All Deviants Report To Central Compound - Swamp Escape/Beach Fight -- Orville Stoeber - Brian May
09. And I A Fairytale Lady - Carla Sciaky
10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Untitled No. 4) - Tobe Hooper & Wayne Bell
11. On Entering York Minster - Colin Potter
12. The Box Of Delights (Excerpt) - White Noise 2 Movement II (B) -- David Vorhaus
13. Paranormal In The West Country (Avebury) - Julian Cope
14. Village Of The Damned Intro (End Of The Road Festival) --Scarfolk Council


Playing tracks by Lino Capra Vaccina - Sinoia Caves, Neil Cameron - Magnet, David Hess, Sabalon Glitz, Art Bears - Demdike Stare and more.

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George Frankum

"...the wolves are running..."
British children's programmes were so trippy.

David Colohan

For sure. Must get my annual viewing of The Box Of Delights underway...

David Colohan

Reminds of a day spent wandering Avebury & the West Kennet Long Barrow..