The Ivy-Strangled Path Vol. I

The Ivy-Strangled Path Vol. I

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The Ivy-Strangled Path Vol. I
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David Colohan

01. HTV - Timeslip - Formentera Sunset.. -- Iasos
02. Dream - Spell
03. Feathered Serpent - David Fanshawe
04. Children.. - Double Fantasy
05. Flower & The Young Man - Silver Birch
06. Late Night Horror - In Dreams - Radiophonic Workshop - Dieter Schutz
07. Shadows - Moon Stallion -- Paul Lewis
08. Lady Macbeth - Cernunnos -- Third Ear Band - Sheffield Coven
09. Just Before Dawn - Evensong - Kinvig -- Brad Fidel - Robert Fripp - Nigel Hess
10. Children Of The Stones - El Lago -- Sidney Sager - Labradford
11. Changes - Brumes Sur Mars -- Paddy Kingsland - Roger Davy
12. ..Cassie Palmer - Night Sketch - Agent Cooper -- Kenyon Emrys-Roberts - Vikki Jackman
13. Old Boot Wine - Spirogyra
14. Chocky - Dreams -- John W. Hyde - Michael Garrison
15. Casting.. - Out Of The Unknown -- Norman Kay
16. By This River - Brian Eno
17. Sky - Eric Wetherell
18. Ruined Church - Magnet
19. Maison Rose - Emmanuelle Parrenin
20. Supernatural.. - Ascent -- Tangerine Dream - Georges Zhamfir


Playing tracks by Iasos, Spell, David Fanshawe, Double Fantasy, Silver Birch and more.

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John Fruth

Thank you for this and all of your Ivy Strangled Path installments! I have just stumbled upon this and I’ve enjoyed the adventure. Thank you!

David Colohan

Aw thanks John. Glad you're liking them.


Thank you! What's the song playing around the 18th minute?

David Colohan

The Flower & The Young Man by Silver Birch. I have it timestamped so you should be able to see what is playing at any given time, if that helps. Thanks for listening!

Rich Blackett

Synthy goodnesss right here

Rich Blackett

I like the vinyl crackles... I had a minidisc(?) of old tunes, selected for their crackliness :-)

David Colohan

Cheers. I have a feeling that some of those recordings never made it to the cd era...

Shaun C Rogan

I think I had this in a different life...I am clearly haunted. Either way, I (still) love it...

David Colohan

Heh, I downloaded it from a past life... Glad ye like it.

Åtear Lessglitter


David Colohan

Thanking ye kindly.