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  • 3 years ago
Ponyfinder 01: Into the Gross Tower

Ponyfinder 01: Into the Gross Tower

Hey y’all. So here’s the first session of our new Ponyfinder game! We’re using the ruleset by Silver Games. It’s really good stuff and they’re good people. Go check them out and throw money at their faces. We’re employing the base rules, the griffon expansion, and folding most new books in as they come out. This gameplay was taken from The Tower of Misery also by Silver Games.

We recorded about 4 hours of Character Creation before the actual play, but it was boring and full of radio silence so I just nixed it.

The Party is as follows:

Disco Scratch, pegasus sorcerer

Judge Poundberries, Flutterpony gunslinger

Platinum Piston, Griffon Rogue

Sunfire, Sun Cat Druid, and his pet tiger Ser Pounce

Berry White, Pegasus Druid

Session 2 was lost, but I go over it at the beginning of session 3.