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  • 3 years ago
Kingmaker Episode 5: The First Death, or “How Not to DM”

Kingmaker Episode 5: The First Death, or “How Not to DM”

Hey everyone. This is an awkward episode for me, because it involves me making horrible mistake both in DMing and simple interpersonal relations.  Basically, I was a huge douchenozzle. Part of me wants to claim this episode was lost to cover my shame, but that's not fair. I need to own up to my mistakes both to remind myself and hope others learn from them.

During the preceding weeks, Michael and I had been butting heads about politics, playstyles, and the perceived OPness of the summoner class. I'd asked him to change classes or rework his eidolon because other players had approached me.  They told me that they felt useless to the party and weren't having any fun because anything they could do, the eidolon could do better. (Somewhat off topic, I feel that the new Unchained rules fix this problem handily by restricting the eidolon's build choices more while simultaneously giving it more flavor and depth.)  After several weeks of this, I and certain other group members were incredibly