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  • 1 year ago
Hatmana: Covering Pots on the Blech

Hatmana: Covering Pots on the Blech

The Poskim discuss whether it is permissible to insulate pots on the Blech with towels before Shabbat. The general principle regarding Hatmana (insulating) is that any material which does not “Mosif Haval” (add heat), such a quilts or towels, may only be applied before Shabbat. On Shabbat, it is prohibited to cover the pots with any material. This principle applies to a standard case in which the pots are not on a source of heat. In the current question, there is a new element-the pots are on the Blech. While the towels themselves are not Mosif Haval, does the fact that the pots are on the Blech change the status of the towels to Mosif Haval? If they are regarded as not Mosif Haval, the pots could be covered before Shabbat. If the Blech renders this Mosif Haval, it would be prohibited to cover the pots, even before Shabbat. One might argue that since the insulating element itself, the towel, does not add heat, it should be considered as not Mosif Haval. This logic is found in the Ran