Twisty - Groove Direction Session (04/02/24)

Twisty - Groove Direction Session (04/02/24)

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Twisty - Groove Direction Session (04/02/24)

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Thank you to the 9D5Dance crew and the Not 4 Human Consumption crew for the tunes mixed around an OG jungle/hardcore middle bit..
Gotta love the big riddims innit...
Terror Tone - Elevate - (9D5Dance)
1TK & Operator P - Paulie 96 (9D5Dance)
DRC1 - DRC1 - Creation (9D5Dance)
settle The Beef - Operator P
HolloH - Da Realest (Original Mix)(9D5Dance)
Duskope - Losing Control (9D5Dance)
Daffy - Wasps Nest (Now Is The Time Records)
Duskope - Give It To Me
Foul play - -Being With You
Omni Trio - Soul Promenade
DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura
2 Bad Mice - Renegade Snares
Origin Unknown - Made In Two Minutes
Run Tings - Ruff Revival
Solo - Blue 1
DJ Hype - Roll The Beats
DAT080 Subjects - Murder
Subjects - I Need You
Subjects - Pipe & Slippers
Buzby - Work in Progress
Peshay - The Piano Tune
PLATINUM MARS - City Scape (Not4HumanConsumption)
99 Nissan Patrol - So Real (Not4HumanConsumption)
OI OCHA - RAMPAGE 95 (Not4HumanConsumption)
BRUK - DAY DREAMING (Not4HumanConsumption)
Nice Trick - Hypnotise (Not4HumanConsumption)
NICE1TOM - Shark Your Arse (Not4HumanConsumption)
Robbie N4HC - Studio Technicals (Not4HumanConsumption)
KILLJOY - HAMMER (Not4HumanConsumption)
S.U.R.E - Kolibri
Robbie N4HC - Ease Up (Not4HumanConsumption)

Alias Grace

Quality brother xx


Glad you enjoyed it Sis xx tracklisting imminent lol