#94 Electro Tapes 1984 Vol.2

#94 Electro Tapes 1984 Vol.2

3 years ago
#94 Electro Tapes 1984 Vol.2

This selection is the second C60 mixtape of the freshest sounds that featured in the Groove Electro chart during the Autumn of 1984. A time of B-Boys and B-Girls, Fresh MCs, Graffiti artists, Body Poppers, DJs cutting and scratching on the wheels of steel, Streetsounds Electro compilations, 808 Drum machines, when Hip hop was the culture and Electro was the music, a mix of rap, synth-pop, turntable cut ups and electronic dance music. So, pause buttons at the ready, dust down your tracksuit, lay down some Lino, crank up the Boombox and let's dance.
First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB, Brighton, UK on 7th February 2021.


Playing tracks by Shax Down Crew, Paul Hardcastle, Rusty P & The Sure Shot, Democratic Three, John Rocca and more.