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Live Chat Near Death Experience with Joe Homsey and Rudi

Live Chat Near Death Experience with Joe Homsey and Rudi

'Rudi Rudenski Interviews NDE Experiencer Monday night'Joe Homsey   Prior to my NDE, I believed G-d hated people who were Gay, Atheists, Communists, Muslims, Catholics and I even believed that most human beings would burn in hell because they did not believe in a religion...My NDE changed that about me. I learned that The Light I met in heaven loved the very people I thought G-d hated like crazy... When I returned to my body and re-entered the military, I could no longer hate the enemies of my country enough to kill them or help others do so... so I left the army... I was disgusted by religious intolerance after my NDE and could not step foot in a religious building for years as the teachers of my brand of religion taught a hateful story of a villain deity that far and away not recognizable in context to the being of Light I met in my NDE. My NDE, I met a being much like Jesus and I met a being I called G-d . The Light didn't wear that name well. Today, I have a personal name for G-d a