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LIVE CHAT: Bible misleading and lies about human sex

LIVE CHAT: Bible misleading and lies about human sex

The bible unintelligibly lies about human sex -- Genesis 2:17,  Of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil  you must not eat. When Adam and Eve discovered sexual knowledge God revoked their residency immediately. Genesis 3:6, Eve eat the fruit of knowledge herself with the Serpent, and then she also eat it with Adam afterwards. Verse 7, the eyes of them were opened and knew they were naked.  Genesis 21-24 God said Adam becomes too wise and expels him from the garden at sword point. No Jewish records exist that represents Jesus as a promise messiah to die for sin. Roman occupation of Israel and vehement opposition to it is well documented. The four gospels are fraudulent representation of a freedom fighter for his country, got himself and crucified on Roman cross. Is essence Yeshua was born 4 B.C. while Jesus has no record of birth, in fact there was never a scheduled that a man should die for sin  [email protected]