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"Jesus” a figment of mythological religions. with Sha'ul

"Jesus” a figment of mythological religions. with Sha'ul

Sha'ul Bayn and Alish'bai realize the bag of lies that had been sold to them throughout their childhood through Protestant Christianity. It took them about a year to transition into “Messianic Judaism,” and several more years to reject Messianic Judaism and believe in the Most High alone and His TaNaKh (falsely called the ‘Old Testament’).  Each of the changes noted above took time, heartache, prayer, thorough study and thought. Out of honesty to the Most High and to ourselves, we needed to study issues such as the Trinity/Oneness, Law/Turah, Feast days and Calendar issues, the validity and accuracy of the New Testament, animal offerings, transgressions and atonement, and much more. That is what led us to where we are today. This is why we have changed to “The Way of the Most High” and belief in the Most High and His TaNaKh (OT) alone. Interestingly enough, Alish'ba decided she was going to study these matters for herself, and has been a great help in all of these studies and changes o