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  • 2 years ago
If you take the Holy Bible from folks what do you give them

If you take the Holy Bible from folks what do you give them

When you take the bible from folks, what you give them in its place? Give them 'the truth.  We are force to respect human history, and to know the metaphysical power and evil contained in the bible, the cause of our confusion and conflict. Truth is authentic human history written by people, as the corridor leading to human origin. Clearly the bible lies about our origin, and it divides us. History gives a coherent narrative of time, name and place for important things of our origin, and the knowledge of it will unite people . On the other hand the bible gives us confusion:belief in an unknown God, symbolisms and conjectures for sense of our origin. Historic knowledge is enlightenment, its the power that we need, and the bible has not delivered that to us.    (1)  History of major ancient civilizations gives us Enki and Enlil as our creators for working purpose in Africa. They lived in places with names such as: a. Eridu   b.Uruk  c.Ur  d. Meluhha &  e. Dilmum     (2)  See lies of t