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Ban the Bible and close down the church are you crazy!!!!

Ban the Bible and close down the church are you crazy!!!!

Like multi-millions of people entrapped in religious beliefs, at the tender age of (7) Timothy Aldred (a) accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, (b) devoutly followed the strict (sacrificial) mandates of Christianity, (c) believed his rewards for his sacrifice would be to go to heaven instead of hell, etc. And now, after fifty years of stumbling around in the wilderness of dark, hand-me-down concepts of blind belief, faith and hope, Tim discovered the light of mankind’s true origins, and shares it ever so generously with the world. With his self published book entitled “BAMBOOZLED”, Tim reveals the paradigm of deception to which multi-generations of people worldwide have been purposefully conditioned  to surrender their hearts, minds, money and their future, in what equates blind faith, with no allowance for questioning God, the Preachers or supposed leaders of the people of the Earth. Join Doc Ev Richardson,  and Tim Aldred to access alternative concepts designed to facilitate true li