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  • 4 years ago
Justin Stenstrom - Dating for Shy Men

Justin Stenstrom - Dating for Shy Men

Interview with Justin Stenstrom

Justin Stenstrom is a Boston based dating coach, who focuses on dating for shy men. He’s the author of book called “Giving Shy Guys Game,” available on Amazon, as well as a 10 page ebook called the “7 Secrets of Approaching Women during the day,” which you can download for free from his website

In this episode we ask Justin:

1. You often describe yourself as a guy who was once shy and lonely, can you explain what you mean by that? And describe how your life has changed?

2. How did you make this change? What was your process? How long did it take?

3. If a man is still early in this journey, where should he start?

4. You’re a big advocate of goal setting, how can men use goal setting to improve with women?

5. You have some interesting thoughts on the benefits of hypnosis and visualization. Can you talk about how you, and your clients, have benefited from these tools?

6. If a guy is shy and wants to date more, what are his big