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CC130 - Hobby Claus!

CC130 - Hobby Claus!

CC 130 - Hobby Claus!Mark chats about his visit from Hobby Claus in a short special Christmas edition of Counter Charge. You can follow the exploits of Mark Zielinski on Twitter at @aslskfan   or @CounterCharge15You can follow the exploits of Rob Phaneuf on Twitter at @Retroalias  Remember to leave us that iTunes review and email Mark at [email protected], by January 31, 2017, after you post your review and enter our contest.  Thanks for your support!Remember that Kings of War International Campaign Day is coming on January 14, 2017.   Currently, 52 sites in 12 countries have signed up!  You can get more information and register your location on the Facebook page: always, please let us know what you thought of the show by emailing Rob at [email protected] com, Mark at [email protected], on Twitter @CounterCharg