9 months ago

Just wanted to express my gratitude towards my first five subscribers. Thanks a lot for your contribution, it means a lot. Not just for me but also all the artists I play in my sets. They get the biggest cut.

I just released Eclectic Soul 63. I hope you dig it.

Do you know that I also make my own music?

Today I started my monthly challenge "1day1song".

From June 1st to June 30 I'll be creating and sharing a new song every day.

I release them on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. The audiophiles will want to download high quality files from Bandcamp. Otherwise when you stream it it's not the best.

Follow me on Bandcamp :

Soundcloud :

I want to get you involved in the creative process. Send me a recording at and I'll incorporate it in my next tracks.

In the first song we can hear the sound of a coffee machine, sent by Chris from Bournemouth.

Record yourself singing or talking or humming. Or record the street, the birds, objects around you, the sound coming out of your computer, a conversation with friends or between strangers.

Don't just record it – listen while you record. Close your eyes and notice all the sounds.

We rely way too much on vision, on our eyes.

How many people you know who listen for real?

They are so rare. They probably don't talk much.

Be the one who listens.