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CRACKCast E118 – Vasculitis

CRACKCast E118 – Vasculitis

This episode covers Ch 108 of Rosens (9th Ed.), SLE and the Vasculitides. These conditions can lead to some pretty varied ED presentations, so we need to know when to suspect lupus or vasculitis, and how to manage it.  Episode Overview: What the pathophysiology of lupus List diagnostic criteria for SLE List drugs that induce lupus Describe the clinical manifestations w/  Classic triad & Symptoms and signs by system in lupus List 3 drug regimens to treat SLE How does neonatal lupus present? What is antiphospholipid syndrome? What is the unusual laboratory feature seen with this condition? What is the pathophysiology of vasculitis? Large vessel vasculitis Medium vessel vasculitis Small vessel vasculitis Hypersensitivity vasculitis Subcutaneous vasculitis Give examples of: Compare the findings for vasculitis List 5 criteria for dx of temporal arteritis + 2 associated features Describe the features of Behcet’s Disease List 10 causes of Erythema Nodosum Compare Buerger’s, Serum sickness