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Do Ethics Always Matter?

Do Ethics Always Matter?

I recently heard a story of a person who was listed as a reference by a job applicant. Upon hearing about this great job (big opportunity for a small town) the reference pitched herself as a better option for the job. And.... the company hired her, leaving the applicant they had put through weeks of interviews on the sideline. Now, this story has several elements. First, I only heard one side of the story (and stories have a way of being told from the point of view of the storyteller). Yet, no matter how you slice this tale is has some ethical issues that can be called into question. The woman who took her friend's opportunity and spun it into her new career admitted to the original applicant that she was jealous of such a great job and wanted it. She also was crying when she told him the details, clearly showing she was not fully proud of her actions.  They were good enough friends (former co-workers) that they would hang out together on occasion with her spouse and shared many mut