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Three Fundamental Ideas That Create Your Life

Three Fundamental Ideas That Create Your Life

This is a continuation of the show that aired on December 29 where I began the discussion of using your imagination to create your life.  Your thoughts can catapult you forward or keep you stuck or stagnant or destroy you.  Where do you want to see your life go?  Do you want to be all you can be or resigned to your lot in life

There are three fundamental things that you must incorporate into your life to see progress or change occur.  You've heard them before however in a different context or in a different set of words. 

Here is another Neville Goddard quote for you to internalize:  “Man must make a definite discovery about himself through an uncritical observation of his reactions to life.  The sum total of these reactions defines an individual’s state of consciousness.  It is his consciousness state that attracts the situations and circumstances of his life.” 

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